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By discovering product opportunities, defining the software that should be built and constantly talking to users, I help deliver experiences that improve people's lives. 

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Recent thoughts.

Attracting millennials requires slick tools 

January 5, 2016

I believe enterprise software goes beyond making employees productive and more efficient. I believe enterprise software has the power to change an institution’s vision, values, assumptions, beliefs and habits. But above all, I believe that enterprise software can impact a company’s culture, which is something that is pre-existing in the institution’s genetic code; not something that employees bring with them.

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August 27, 2015

You’re a product manager. For the past three months you’ve conducted opportunity assessments, discovered possibilities, and defined solutions. Things went from whiteboard sketches to Invision comps to code-based prototypes. You validated assumptions by testing early and often. You even cut features that brought little value. You’ve written detailed technial docs and defined every possible requirement. The visual design is complete, you’ve defined the right product and clearly articulated exactly what needed to be built.

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What I believe plus some random facts.

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