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Bryan McCarty — Product Marketing Leader

Bryan McCarty

Head of Marketing at OrumCreator of Fintech Marketers

Past: Built product marketing at Hummingbird, Moov, Jack Henry, Banno

I'm a B2B fintech marketing leader with a background in product marketing, content, and community.

💙 Builder — teams, products, content, community3️⃣ Three-time founding fintech marketing leader✌️ Creator of🏃 Marathon runner🌽 Midwest proud💻 Remote work advocate🤘 Vocalist for Kaizen & Knuckle Sandwich✖️ Straight edge🌳 Happiest in the wilderness

Fintech marketing jobs

I wanted to help fintech marketers find the best and latest jobs, so I created

Fintech Marketing job board

Music (my past bands - vocals)



Recommended goods that help you stay sharp and get stuff done.



Product & Marketing

General business


Growth marketing

  • Competitive Conquesting: This is the proven growth marketing playbook — crafted by the genius Nick Lafferty. He developed this throughout his 10+ year career as a growth marketer for high-growth startups like Loom & Mailgun. He's distilled everything into a simple process with clear steps, including excellent examples. I'm a big fan of Nick and this playbook!



  • Carrd: Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything. Carrd powers this website!

  • Niceboard: Start a custom job board in minutes with modern job board software. (This is what powers Fintech Marketers!)


  • Simplify Gmail: A browser extension for desktop Gmail that boosts productivity, strengthens privacy, and reduces️ stress. From the co-founder of Google Inbox.


  • Productive PMM: A system built on Notion that helps small product marketing teams and solo PMMs be more productive. It provides one central hub for managing your projects, tasks, goals, collateral, swipe file, and more. It also comes complete with resources and templates you can use to deliver great work, faster.

  • Notion: A single space where you can think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly how you want. I've helped implement a company-wide Notion structure three times. Yah, I'm a super user & big fan! (Happy to talk Notion tips & tricks if ya want!) 🤓

Bryan McCarty — Notion Official Affiliate


Product launches at Orum

Product launches at Hummingbird

Ghostwriting and editing

Product launches at Moov


Product management

Product launches at Aha!

Project management


Hey there 👋My name is Bryan McCarty. I'm the Head of Marketing at Orum and run as a passion project.I was the first marketer at Banno, oversaw all marketing for Jack Henry's digital platform, reunited with the old team as the first marketer at Moov, and built product marketing at Hummingbird.

Today, I lead marketing at Orum, the simplest API for fast, reliable payments. ⚡

During a hiatus I took after burn out, I wanted to see all the fintech marketing jobs in one place. That didn't exist. So, I created it — and Fintech Marketers was born.My goal for the site is simple:Help other fintech marketers find the best and latest fintech marketing jobs.If you have ideas for the site, please let me know. I love talking shop with other marketers. Shoot me a note and let's connect. 🤝

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